DHS Jobs Office: Employer Registration Form

Please complete the following form as fully as possible.  You can email the DHS Jobs Office with any questions at dhsjobsoffice@gmail.com.

The Jobs Office is staffed by volunteers on Wednesday from 11-12:30 pm.

You can call (203) 424-0652 to speak to us, or leave a voicemail. 
We will review the form and post the job online for students to access or contact you if we need additional information.

Contact Information

Phone Numbers - At least one phone number is required.

Job Details and Description

Job Start Date:

Job Expires Date: / All Jobs will be reconfirmed at the end of the summer.
A specific expiration date is only needed for one off or date sensitive jobs.

The DHS Jobs Office can provide some guidance for hourly rates and more assistance if required at dhsjobsoffice@gmail.com or you can call: (203) 424-0652. The DHS jobs office is open Monday - Friday 11 am - 1 pm.

For Child Care/Babysitting/Tutoring jobs only

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